Fukushima Nuclear Plant Situation


"People in Touhoku, stay strong! We're thinking of you here in Yokohama and we'll never forget you! I feel so sorry for people that lost family or friends in the earthquake and tsunami. Ganbare Nippon!"
  -Ignacio Lara, Gr. 7 Student; Co-founder

"I wish the Fukushima Power Plant recovers as quickly as possible. Please stay safe! I will do my best to cooperate."
  -Eurey Noguchi, Gr. 7 Student; Co-founder

"I hope people in Touhoku stay strong. I hope you know that whatever happens, we will always stay with you."
  -Shimpei Hara, Gr. 7 Student; Co-founder

"It might take time, and we've lost many things, but please look up and gann-bare!"
   -Jay Mahtani, Gr. 7 Student; Co-founder

"I will do my best to help the Touhoku region recover as quickly as possible. You are in our thoughts and prayers!"
  -Mizuki Yamakawa, Gr. 7 Student, St. Maur International School.

"Tohoku People, GANBATTE NE! Don't give up! People are praying for you guys and others are helping! Hang in there!"
  -Marina, Gr. 7 Student, Yokohama, Japan

"Hello, I hope Touhoku will get better soon and will be able to have a fun summer break!"
  -Sotaro Hirai, Gr. 7 Student, St. Maur International School

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Touhoku, Japan; especially those who have lost their loved ones and their homes."
Greg Feezell, lives in Yokohama, Japan.

Thanks and stay safe!

Created by: Shimpei Hara, Ignacio Lara, Eurey Noguchi, Jay Mahtani, Kenji Moir
7th Grade Students at Saint Maur International School, Yokohama, Japan
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